What are your favorite music genres?

Gavin: "Anything aggressive or experimental. I listen to lots of experimental hip-hop, noise rock, and punk. I also dabble with electronic and indie genres when I'm in the mood. I do stray away from metal (specifically doom, death, and black metal) due to the vocals being off-putting. I'm also not too fond of R&B and country because the pacing is too slow for me."

Are you guys currently looking for writers?

We are always looking to expand the gavblog team! If you are interested in joining us you can send an email to gavblog.music@gmail.com with an attachment of your resume or a hardcopy of something you've personally wrote. Note that currently during this time we are not offering any paid positions.

How can I show my support?

If you want to help out gavblog you can tune in to the local University of Oregon college radio station, KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM! You can listen from anywhere on your laptop or mobile device via the link below: