Review: B.B.H.E. – Hudson Mohawke

After having a solid 2019 with the release of his second collaborative EP with fellow producer Lunice, Hudson Mohawke’s newest solo record features some great ideas executed in underwhelming fashion.

By Gavin Majeski


It’s been almost half a decade since we last heard a solo project from Scottish DJ and producer Hudson Mohawke, with his last being a soundtrack for the 2016 video game “Watch Dogs 2.” 2020 alone has seen Mohawke collaborate with artists Jimmy Edgar and Tiga, while self-releasing the grandiose banger, “Black Cherry.”

Mohawke’s latest record, “B.B.H.E.” clocks in at just under thirty minutes and doesn’t veer too far from what fans of Mohawke have come to expect. The record contains his bread and butter trap and club bangers while dabbling upon a wide range of electronic sub-genres including lo-fi and wonky.

While the trap and club highlights from “B.B.H.E.” are some of Mohawkes best to date, such as “Brooklyn,” “Spruce Illest Bumper,” “100HM” and the fantastic closer “Monte Fisto,” the rest of the record is a mixed bag to say the least. “Tar” and “Amino” are two low-key cuts that fantastically blend atmospheric textures with nice bass hits and claps. “Beyond” and “Herbers” are two short and sweet lo-fi cuts that feel like they could fit perfectly onto a “lo-fi beats to chill and study to” playlist.

Though Mohawke does a great job on the previously mentioned tracks that have a run time of under two minutes each, the rest of his transitional and roughly minute-long songs fall desperately flat. Tracks “Rosado” and “Pushin The Levels” feel repetitive and underdeveloped, while “Mandarania” and “Macanudo” are far too messy and chaotic, even with how short they are.

These flaws are even more prevalent once you reach the halfway point in the track listing, as it feels there are no standout songs up until the closer “Monte Fisto,” which feels out of place for just how explosive and high energy it is compared to the previous six tracks.

What Hudson Mohawke does well on “B.B.H.E.” is his unique take on club and trap, as seen by previous projects and collaborative work with fellow producer Lunice. “B.B.H.E.” features a few additional ideas that are executed well, but overall fumbles with many tracks that have little substance and little cohesion.

Favorite Tracks: Brooklyn, Spruce Illest Bumper, Amino, Beyond, Tar, 100HM, Herbers, Monte Fisto



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