Review: Deleter – Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck forgoes their classic noise and electronic blend of rock music for an adequate indie aesthetic on "Deleter."


When Holy Fuck released their self-titled debut album in 2007, they utilized a unique blend of noise, organic drums and bass and electronic keyboard effects. "Deleter" flips the band’s distinguishable instrumental sound with decent features from relatively unknown artists, Alexis Taylor, Angus Andrew and Nicholas Allbrook.

Although the baselines from all tracks on "Deleter" are groovier than any past project, the drums from Matt Schulz don’t add nearly enough kick to the mellow electronic backings. Combine that with instrumentals that don’t bring much sonic texture, the majority of tracks blend in with one another. The last two tracks, "San Sebastian" and "Ruby" are prime culprits of this error, and leave the album ending on a sour note.

Fortunately, the album does contain some catchy tracks such as, "Endless," "Moment" and "No Error." The first two featuring a danceable melody, and "No Error" being the most sonically textured instrumental on the record. The remaining songs on the album, though not the most diverse, are by no means bad. Unfortunately, "Deleter" as a whole doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to the indietronic genre.

You can admire the risk taken when changing the band’s overall sound, but unfortunately it creates only a decent record.

Favorite Tracks: Luxe, Deleters, Endless, Free Gloss, Moment, Near Mint, No Error




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