Review: Hurry Up and Wait – Dune Rats

Featuring a “meat and potatoes” pop-punk sound, "Hurry Up and Wait" is a grading attempt at humor with subpar songwriting.


The Aussie pop-punk band Dune Rats returns with their third album and still are unable to establish themselves among the multitude of bands featuring a similar sound. Other than the strong Australian accents, the band only does the bare minimum of what every pop-punk band does best: aggressive instrument playing and catchy hooks/choruses. Though a few tracks such as "Rubber Arm" and "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" feature insanely catchy refrains (especially the later of the two) everything else on the album sounds the same.

By no means does this automatically make the album awful, but when combined with immature lyrics that feel like they came from a high school pot-head, one can only roll their eyes and press skip. The annoying intro does nothing for the album except inform the listener of how irritating their listening experience will be. Even though the saving grace of the record is its high energy, solid instrumentals and catchy vocals from tracks like, "Stupid Is As Stupid Does," the tone is immediately ruined with a song like, "If My Bong Could Talk." Featuring lyrics regarding what a refrigerator would sound like if it orgasmed, this is one track you will never want to hear again.

With a few good tracks here and there, the vast majority of songs don’t do anything new from an instrumental standpoint, though they do stand out lyrically for all the wrong reasons.

Favorite Tracks: Rubber Arm, No Plans, Crazy, Stupid Is As Stupid Does




- gavtunes

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