“My Last Letter To You” – A Conceptual Set List

On November 13, 2020, I performed a live radio show containing this set list. It was the first live show I had done in over six months due to COVID, and I knew I wanted to make it something special.

Art is such a potent form of expression because of the subjectivity behind it. Each viewer/listener of an art form creates their own interpretation based on how they digest the medium.

Because of this, I don't plan on explaining every little detail behind what song means what, what this specific song title represents, etc. Instead, I hope listeners of this set list will form their own interpretation. Hopefully piecing together the story I am trying to convey with the music and supplementary free verse poetry between chapters of this overarching journey.

Due to FCC regulations that require me to interrupt my show periodically, I felt as if the live recording didn't do enough justice to my intended vision. The version that was performed on 11/13 lacked the cohesive structure and flow that I so badly wanted.

This version of the set list is the final edit, containing a rearranged track listing, new songs, and no interruptions. I hope everybody enjoys this piece of my life, as it is by far the most effort I have ever put into a radio show of mine. I've included a link to the Spotify playlist here.

- Gavin



Act I:

It's Late - A Beacon School

We Stayed Up All Night (feat. Ardyn) - Tourist

Substitute - FRND

We're Not Just Friends - Parks, Squares and Alleys

Act II:

Phone Call - Mtbrd

Waiting for You (feat. Swell) - Verzache

Soft - Washed Out

Hands - Four Tet

It's Okay To Cry - SOPHIE

Breaking Up - Francis and the Lights

Act III:

Fingers - It Looks Sad.

List of People (To Try And Forget About) - Tame Impala

somebody loves you - Jeremy Zucker

Camp Adventure - Delta Sleep



Act IV:

Elk - TTNG

Leafy Stair - Rooftops

Those Luminous Noises Are God - Pretend

Because I Hear You - toe

Things Are Different Now - Keela Abrahms

Act V:

Panda - TTNG

firefly - Jeremy Zucker

the 1 - Taylor Swift

A Sad Song About a Girl I No Longer Know - Bedside Kites

Act VI:


Black Bear - Black Bear