Review: Quits EP – Flume

This is Flume's first concrete project after his March, 2019 mixtape/album, Hi This Is Flume Mixtape, which I believe is the current best album of 2019 at the time of writing this review. Before the drop of this three track EP, Flume teased with the singles Let You Know and Friends. I had mixed feelings regarding the two tracks since it felt as if Flume was backtracking from his previous mixtape that I loved so much. Hi This Is Flume displayed a wide array of depth via intricate production and lack of features (which I thought was for the better).

The EP opens with Quits, a catchy tune with gorgeous vocals from Reo Cragun who is featured on all three tracks of this EP. Excluding the breaks between each verse, this song seems to lack the unique production that I loved from Flume's March 2019 mixtape. Though the chorus sticks with you after the song, I found it to be not as exciting as I hoped.

The second track, Levitate was definitely the biggest disappointment on this EP. The opening folky tune sounds almost identical to Petals by the electronic folk artist Bibio, but slightly worse. The track continues with some nice drum snares that add a heavy hit, but the almost nonexistent chorus makes this song feel lackluster.

Thankfully the EP ends on a good note with my favorite of the two singles Flume dropped before this EP. Friends is without a doubt the "poppiest" track on the EP, but I don't think that hinders it in any way since it is just SO DAMN CATCHY. I think I listened to this song over one hundred times within the first month of its initial release and for good reason. The instrumental has multiple layers which feels the closest out of the three tracks to his production on Hi This Is Flume. Though this song initially took me a bit to get used to when I heard it first drop in late March, it is without a doubt one of the best singles of 2019.

Overall this is a decent project by Flume, but what holds it back most is the lack of productional depth that his Hi This Is Flume had.



- gavtunes