Review: Morbid Stuff – PUP

Canadian pop-punk band, PUP, comes through with a fantastic third album that is filled with post-breakup angst and tons of raw aggression. With gritty and dark lyricism, Morbid Stuff does a fantastic job at keeping with the band’s previous classic punk feel, yet adds some great changes of pace within the album to keep things from getting stale. Tracks like 5. Scorpion Hill and 11. City take a slower turn for a portion of the song which helps add a spritz of diversity within the album’s overall sound. Then you have a track like 9. Full Blown Meltdown which is probably their most aggressive song to date, utilizing dissonant and ear-wrenching production that only adds to the tone of the album.

Sometimes songs can sound very similar due to the vocal delivery of lead singer Stefan Babcock, but I find most contain sticky choruses and memorable riffs. Other than the aforementioned comment, the only other gripe I have toward this album is the closing track 11. City. I feel the pacing of the track is a bit off and it doesn't leave me as satisfied as I am while listening to any other track off the album. Still, this is not only one of the best punk albums of the year, this is one of the best albums of the year in general.

Favorite Tracks: Kids, Scorpion Hill, Closure, Sibling Rivalry, Full Blown Meltdown, Bare Hands



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