Review: Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve

Three piece experimental/jazz rap group Injury Reserve hails from Flagstaff, AZ. This is their debut studio album and really solidifies their voice in the experimental hip-hop scene. I absolutely LOVE the first two-thirds of this album (up to track 8). Each song is unique with its production and ranges in sound. You have straight BANGERS like track 5. Jailbreak the Tesla (feat. Aminé) and slower songs like 8. Wax On (feat. Freddie Gibbs) that gives off an eerie vibe. After this point the album begins to slow down to a pace at which I personally didn’t enjoy. A lot of the production seems skeletal and lacking in what made the first two-thirds of the album so good. If you like slower jazz rap then the last third of this album is right up your alley.

Favorite Tracks: Jailbreak the Tesla, Rap Song Tutorial, Koruna & Lime, GTFU



- gavtunes